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Valve latest patent information
DataTime:2008/3/10 10:26:56
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in the good performance of the emission valve (patent number: 02239805.8)
     The gas distribution pipeline in the good performance of the emission valve by valve and the valve on the composition of the valve body, valve stem and valve. Which extended the valve stem end and the other end connected with the valve fixed. On the valve begins with the integration of the valve sets. Valve stem connected with the part of the kit compatible with the valve guide sleeve. The good performance of the emission valve in the valve due to a valve on the package, the valve with a valve guide sleeve sets match, it can be improved valve in the back of the neutral, and ensure that the valve I close with valves, leakage, eliminate hidden dangers and work safe and reliable
rapid balance valve (patent number: 02256899.9)
The rapid balance valve, by the pneumatic valve assembly and executive body composed of aerodynamic implementing agencies which include: trays, patch, shelters, under cover, fastening bolts, stem, the valve assembly, adjustment spring, the valve core and plug; feedback coming back has opened a hole, there is a hole in the feedback to tire under the pressure of stereotypes capsule the size of feedback to automatically adjust the opening hole-conditioning, the conditioning is adjusted by the spring , and plug a spool adjustment in the spring is fixed spool and feedback signals between the inlet, the plug will spool through lateral adjustment and fixed in the first spring feedback hole. The valve resolved the output of the existing balance valve capsule stereotypes tire pressure - pressure P2 with a P # - [-] no equivalent balance of the Court to achieve the speed and pace of stereotypes of different conditions, which can automatically adjust the speed feedback and improve tire quality and productivity and automation control.
cap with a card lock valve (patent number: 02274061.9)
With the card lock valve cap on the valve opening of a lock, on INTERLINKED valve openings in the wall, the top of a set of chamfering, with the central outer ring groove in the got caught up in the end with two sets of annular grooves flush edge under the axial channel openings. Sets, located within the ring groove-elastic retainer ring, the two convex sets of ears through the open end of the trough valve inserted on the top wall of the groove open. Cover, set outside of its central-locking cap with holes Spring Collar corresponding annular grooves. The valve structure is simple, reliable locking, anti-damaged properties, and can be repeatedly used interchangeability well, and use special tools to open very convenient to management.
anti-sealing valve leakage within the (Patent No.: 02211646. X)
The anti-sealing valve leakage within a two sealed physiognomy involving contact with the valve. The valve includes seat, valve, it contains at least a gasket, the gasket with the valve below the surface, linking the access of the valve seat, and their mutual connecting. Because of the additional application of a new seal, valve, improved contact between the sealing surface conditions, the valves in a variety of resolving the situation within the contact surface because of lax caused by leakage problems, the valve seal structure apply to many forms The contact surface of the valve seal, which enables production management security, and extend the useful life of the valve, reducing costs.
multi-nozzle (patent number: 02274199.2)
The multi-nozzle, can be applied to all types of gases, liquids flow control. Multi-nozzle, valve, rotating nozzle gland, gaskets, spring, positioning beads, fastening bolts, etc., which are rotating nozzle on the processing of 0.3 ~ 12 mm from the hole, rotating nozzle end of a processing Rotating Passage, end-aperture processing a marker, rotating nozzle through the gasket installed in the valve body gland, the gland and the valve body with thread, rotate through the nozzle positioning beads, spring, Setscrew limited to the valve body position, rotation with rotating nozzle and valve.
Daocifaxin (patent number: 03227111.5)
The mix of hot and cold water valve spool, including the stem, the valve core shell, bottom cover, seal, the static ceramics, ceramic tablets under static, dynamic ceramic tablets, the application of a new ceramic save the Daocifaxin Fixed-Stubbs grasping the mouth to become a static ceramic chip ceramic move to improve the wear resistance strength tablets, the spool life extension, or the existing Daocifaxin useful life of more than five times; the main valve core Mixed in with hot and cold water taps function, a user-friendly, high temperature, high wear resistance, and there is no leakage advantage.
coking Stone ball valve (patent number: 03233033.2)
The coking Stone valve, including the valve, a ball on the valve cover, both three-valve cover, stem, reducer, the electric actuator, which is characterized by the ball-valve cover ears, and on providing bearings, in the Each valve cover export terminal equipped with a mobile seat components in the valve cover letter begins to fill, with the valve body cavity, packing letter and seat components learned people steam and the steam takeover Flange. Their advantage is that the seat can be mobile components in the spring and the thrust of steam can be closely with the spherical form sealed to prevent infiltration and sediment residue to avoid bonding between the parts and solidification, the valve reliable performance and long service life, simple, easy processing and assembly.
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