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Price online trade skills
DataTime:2008/3/10 10:55:10
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When new customers to the Inquiry, you respond promptly, but not below. Price is too high you scare away customers, or offer too low, customers will find that you are not experts, and dare not take the risk with your business? Price for the elderly, will not be easy. Pressed terrible price, I do not know how to offer: it was too low, Meijianzhuan; was too high, fearing the loss of orders.
Price how to effectively? Experienced in the first network to offer before fully prepared, in quoting the selection of appropriate price terms, at the same time choose a suitable offer channels, use the contract form of payment, delivery, shipping terms, insurance requirements and the terms bargain buyers also can be integrated with its own advantages, and take the initiative in the bid.
First, fully prepared before Price
First, a careful analysis of customer purchase will understand their real needs, to be out on a targeted good quotations. Some of the customers low prices as a decision-making factor, a start he was close to the bottom-line price, the possibility of winning more orders. A company in Guangzhou City of Mr Tsang said: "We are after a customer inquiry to a formal offer, customers will be really careful analysis of the purchase will then decide is to try and Price (virtual disk), or an offer (actual disk)."
Second, the market for tracking studies clearly to the latest market developments. The transparency of market information, market prices change rapidly, therefore, must be based on the latest prices at the "Suihangjiufu" the price of the transaction may be. There are many formal and even now, more strength in the foreign market at home and abroad, are familiar with the market environment and understanding. Therefore, the companies themselves must also fully aware of the information. At the same time, as a long-term business-specific varieties of professional firms, as long business expansion in the industry, not only to understand the industrys history of development and price changes, it is also necessary to make reasonable the recent trend analysis and forecasting.
Second, choose a suitable price terms
Price terms is a core part of the offer. What kind of prices because of a decision in terms of the powers and responsibilities of buyers and sellers, and the division of profits. Therefore, in drawing on a quote before, in addition to best meet customer requirements, to fully understand its terms of price and the actual content of selected carefully, and then Price.
If they choose to FOB price transactions, freight and insurance volatility in the market conditions are favorable to them. But there are also many passive, for example: As importers delayed Baichuan, or because of the circumstances leading to shipment delays, Name Change, it will enable exporters to increase warehousing expenses, or is late receipt of a loan loss of interest.
If they choose to CIF price of exports, shipments of convergence problems can be better solved, makes exporters have more flexibility and mobility. Under normal circumstances, as long as the exporters guarantee that the delivery of goods in line with the contracts provisions, as long as the documents submitted complete and correct, the importer must pay. That is to say, to the CIF price contracts for the export turnover is a specific type of "documentation sale" contracts.
Generally not very high profits now, the whole process of trade every link of careful planning more important than ever. Some domestic enterprises export profits Yes, their practice is that the external Price, first reported FOB price so that the customers of the enterprise commodity prices compared to the CIF price, and persisted in the domestic market arrangements for the transportation and insurance. In this way, not only can give buyers more choices, but also in transit insurance premiums that can earn the post.
     Third, choose a suitable channels Price
You conducting online trade, direct quotations. Alibaba Web Price function is only available to the "integrity-member" use.
When you are interested in offering information, complete the direct "quotations" send, in order to allow buyers to receive your feedback quickly, in the following ways:
1, "quotations" select "SMS", and your quote sent to other mobile phone content, or SMS to remind each other to see your offer. You will be the most rapid Price message to buyers, the intention of further negotiations. Price not to avoid the timely and lose potential customers.
2, when you E-MAIL or system messages received at the Inquiry, the option of directly through E-MAIL messages or replies for quotation.
3, you can take advantage of trade-time online quotes, grasp the business opportunities.
1) If your inquiry to the Buyer "is the on-line", you can negotiate with him immediately. Detailed understanding of each others procurement needs and further verify identity and intentions extent of the other side. Ready to offer to each other and agreed on the prices of other feedback!
2) If the buyers do business online meetings held, you-can be carried out through various trade and business talks. Price understanding counterparts, combined with the actual situation and profits, timely adjustment strategy, Price, the ultimate success!
4, according to Buyer contact information, call directly communicate with each other and judge each other cooperation intention Inquiry authenticity, and grasp customer needs and budget.
Fourth, other elements of the contract
Other major elements of the contract include: payment method, delivery, shipping terms, the insurance terms. Factors affecting transactions, the price is one of them, if we can, in combination with other elements and negotiations, the price will be greater flexibility.
At the same time, but also according to the customers geographical characteristics, the buyer strength and character, commodities to adjust the characteristics of Price. Some clients particularly concerned about the level of prices, will be under orders to offer the cheapest seller, then quotes directly reported to him you can offer the lowest prices. Some customers accustomed to bargain, then, the first rate quotes can be reserved.
If a product in the market downturn for a period of time, In a scramble place an order, it may wish to directly reported to the lowest price. The strong seasonal clothing, and other goods, and fast commitment to the customer on time delivery undoubtedly allow customers to your attention is drawn to the quotations. According to sell short, the season points, or size of orders can also adjust their bidding strategy.
5 to win the overall strength
The overall strength of their own confidence, it is no need to indulge in at a low price to please the customer. Mr Tsang said: "Price to maximize professional, or in the former Price Price to mention some of the professional issues, to show their product or industry is very familiar with, very professional.
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