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Price is reasonable the key to success
DataTime:2008/3/10 10:49:57
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Price appears to be a very simple question, on the contrary. Price too high, guests will scare away too low themselves suffer, there is only one reasonable professional Price, in order for us to win more customers. How can we achieve a reasonable offer? Here there is a certain skills.
     Enterprise was first established, the necessary preparatory work completed, the field will have to consider how to promote their business. At this time, your business is conducted in a smooth, signed orders for the big enough to offer to customers is an important factor. Before Price with customers in, we should first clear two factors - the objective and subjective factors, only by fully taking into account both the factors can work out a more reasonable, they can accept the price of the bottom line before they can offer to customers.

     Objective factors
     Military strategists often said: Suns, Baizhanbudai. First of all, you have to understand as far as possible, start with many customers, so you can help him purposefully targeted Price, "Price personality." For example, if a guest to your inquiry, you should first understand the customer any country, in which city, it belongs to you product sales groups, and its main product scope of business and sales, the wholesale, retail or mail order , is a customer or small brokers, and the purchasing power of his sincerity, his familiarity with the product and so on the basis of these data to establish a detailed customer profiles, according to several public following the principles of the end at a price:
     A case of a major customer, and his strong purchasing power, you can be properly reported higher prices, contrary low.
     2. Customers if the products and prices are very familiar with, I suggest you use the "Comparative Law," in the negotiations with him, highlighting the advantages of its products, peer shortcomings, the price to close to the reserve price, will it be possible from the outset " arrest "Stay.
     3. Character comparison Zhishuang if customers do not like to bargain with you around in circles, do you think it is best to start an air our own hand, to avoid paying him to scare off all of a sudden.
     4. If the customer is not very familiar with the product, then you have some more on the uses and advantages of the products, prices might reported higher.
     5. If some customers are particularly sensitive to price, and every minute each PCT must fight, and he also brings taken your product, you must have sufficient patience with the guests fighting a "psychological war" and asked, or tried to figure out what guests target price,ٸthemselves can compare it to the reserve price gap between how much. For instance, he is the target price of 12 yuan, and you can bear the price is 13 yuan, 14 yuan at your best, a counter-offer, you can be multi-step walk, let a little more, let guests see hope, followed by none other a step-by-step reduction, must not step in place, and the camps should be step by step, slowly let guests taste the sweetness, see hope, but also through arduous efforts to make guests Finally there is a sense of victory.
     Remember, we will not start direct to the customer the lowest offer, because if you in the negotiations before the end of the overall compromise, the final time on your hands does not mobilize the weight of the buyer.

Subjective factors
     Got the level of prices and the quality is closely related to the supply and demand relationship. Price, you should first of their products and prices, the main target markets, products and prices similar to a full understanding. Under normal circumstances like this:
     1. If you have a relatively better product quality, Price will certainly be higher.
     2. If you have a product shortage in the market, of course, can also reported higher prices.
     3. If your product is new products, new models are more often than Price mature product to higher.
     4. Even if the same product in different stages, due to market factors and quotas and so on offer are not the same, we must understand the multi-information, training a keen sense of smell.
     Apart from these two factors, in quotes, there are some skills can be used.

     Price skills
     If your product prices higher, in quotes, to make it possible for clients to fully understand your products advantages in the other.
     There is a health care products company sells a particularly high for women oral solution, and the price of its competitors compared to the much higher, but salesman to the dealers on the product, it is stressed that the effectiveness and dosage, namely, Its effect is not comparable to similar products Moreover, every day we can only take one, unlike other products to take three a day, so doing we, the price is not high. The salesman quotes, more acceptable to people.
     In addition, Price will be at the same time delivery, payment method, the volume of orders, and other principal terms of the transaction together to share, that is, not just a problem limited to price and other conditions should be as interactive. Customers may attach great importance to the delivery date, you have been reported due date of 35 days, 30 days and customer delivery. Where feasible, you can satisfy guests delivery, but the delivery deadline is too tight to the ground, due to the price increase, then the other side may also be accepted, you will be able to secure for itself a more profits.
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